As of January 2022, The Home Support Worker/Caregiver pilot will let you hire a foreign in-home caregiver from overseas. We connect our trained caregivers directly with qualified employers for the Home Support Worker program. Our employer-specific training for care givers is accessible on-line. We teach hard and soft skills; we make sure Caregivers fully understand the training and complete the curriculum.

For qualified Canadian employers at hospitals, long-term care homes, assisted living facilities, and private home care, we provide direct access to qualified, trained, and selected professionals that have come through an industry recognized and award-winning curriculum.

Our experienced and authorized immigration representatives (RCIC’s), bring clarity to the legal obligations and facilitate the immigration process for both the employer and the caregiver and in keeping with the integrity of the program.

What Internationally Experienced Nurses (IEN's) Bring

Choosing an agency that is continuously investing in training for their caregivers is a great decision for you and your loved one. The people you are entrusting with the care of your loved one should be the best at what they do.

International nurses certified by FineSkilz Canada bring professional experience and rich diversity.

Employers benefit from the ability to select from an elite class of medically trained and experienced professionals.

IEN's bring a high language proficiency in English or French.

IEN's carry North American, award-winning caregiving certifications for higher medical needs,

IEN's practice good discipline and provide compassionate care.

IEN's provide long term commitment (minimum two to four years).

IEN's are accommodating to flexible time schedules.

IEN's are willing to relocate to rural and less dense urban areas,

IEN's provide ordinary Canadians a dedicated service at a competitive wage.

Home support caregiving expenses are tax deductible. Comparative cost analysis to alternative institutional options show by far, the economic and holistic advantage of maintaining the quality, dignity, and independence of an elderly person with assistance in their own homes.Learn more



Home Support Worker pilot program


The Home Support Worker pilot provides in-home caregivers with the opportunity to become a permanent resident once they have 2 years of eligible work experience in Canada. It also lets their family members come to Canada to work or study while they get work experience.

Home Support Worker pilot program

All employers (outside Quebec) who want to hire an in-home caregiver from overseas must hire them through this pilot program.

Hiring a caregiver who's in Canada.

If you want to hire a foreign in-home caregiver who is already in Canada, you may continue to do so either through the:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • IN-HOME Caregiver Program
  • Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots

Not sure how to hire? If you're unsure of which program to hire through, call FineSkilz Canada and we will compare the pilot and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to find your best options.

Find a caregiver As an employer, you can hire an in-home caregiver by finding an eligible candidate, and provide them with an offer of employment.

You can decide with the caregiver whether they live in or out of your home.

You will find highly qualified, trained, and compassionate candidates in our portfolio, or a candidate may approach you directly from our job listings page.

We make sure the candidate is eligible To get a work permit, the foreign national (caregiver) must show that they meet the eligibility and admissibility requirements of the pilot program for permanent residency including medical exams and security checks.

Make an offer of employment

After you hire a caregiver Once they have the offer of employment, we will submit their permanent residence application.We will also have to submit a work permit application along with their permanent residence application. Once they meet the permanent residence criteria, they'll get a work permit.

The work permit will be valid for 3 years and will let the candidate work for any employer as a caregiver. Learn more

See video testimonials from employers and recruiting agents

Employers Register and identify candidates from our Caregiver Portfolios.

Our qualified and accomplished care givers/home support workers are certified professionals of Care Academy. They are trained in the best-in-class video training for home support workers, nonmedical and personal care-aides.

Employers Registration

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