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Temporary Foreign Worker ProgramInstitutional Employers across Canada are looking for caregivers with the right hard and soft skills. Long term care homes and institutions are burdened with a short supply of caregivers. Canada has a Temporary Foreign Worker Program for Caregivers to meet this need.

Home Support Workers Canada has a Permanent Residency program for Nurses and Nursing Students to relocate along with their family with a job offer, as Caregivers, and Home Support Workers.

Provincial Nomination programs (PNP) invites Caregivers from their in-demand-jobs lists, constantly. Healthcare workers are the most in-demand.

For Immediate Employment For Internationally Trained Nurses. OPSWA (Ontario Personal Support Worker Association) is grandfathering International Nurses and ‘other Province’ Personal Support Workers & Nurses to fill the need in Ontario’s Homecare and Long-term Care Systems.This program is open to newcomers and students who are legally allowed to work in Canada and are looking to gain experience in Ontario Health care. All those grandfathered would be covered under a one-million-dollar professional liability and will be recognized as a Personal Support Worker under OPSWA.

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Express Entry

What is Express Entry Canada?Express Entry Canada is easily the most popular route to immigrate to Canada. The government plans to welcome 400,000 new immigrants. A majority of those will enter through the economic class programs among which is Express Entry.
You can qualify for express entry based on a points-based selection process. IRCC awards points based on important factors for Canada. The program addresses labour shortages in Canada. It does this by providing a steady stream of qualified candidates who are most likely to succeed in Canada, economically. Candidates are placed in an Express Entry Pool and the most qualified (based on points) are invited to apply for Permanent Residence (PR).

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Qualify for Permanent Residency as a Federal Skilled Worker through Express Entry. Fine-Skilz Canada will connect you with Government funded pre and post settlement services ear-marked to welcome Internationally trained nurses. These services will help you pursue your careers as nurses as well as with your job search.


Apply for The Provincial Nominee Program


Provincial Nomination Residency programs across all Provinces in Canada, repeatedly select caregivers at their in-take drives to meet immediate labour-market requirements. Caregiver is an in-demand job category at every in-take and is a constant requirement. Most Immigration programs for caregivers require a Job Offer except for some PNP streams.

As the competition for the Federal FSW category is high we identify applicable provincial streams that have a lower threshold to meet their immediate labour requirements. We will create your profile and have a Provincial Expression of Interest application in place.

With a Provincial Nomination you receive 600 CRS points that gets you an instant 'Invitation to Apply' for PR.

The Latest PNP Canada Draws and Updates

Follow our news page for live updates on Canada's PNP draws and updates. There are more than 80 PNP immigration streams, so stay connected to this page to know the latest draws and updates of Provincial Nominee Programs.

What is the Express Entry Stream of PNP? The Express Entry stream is aligned with federal express entry system. Under this stream Canadian provinces are allowed to select the candidates from the express entry pool and notify them to apply in their Provincial Nominee Program.


Permanent Residency through the Home Support Worker Program

(This Permanent Residency Program for nurses outside Canada will open again from January 2022)If you are an Internationally trained nurse or nursing student or have recently worked as a home support worker, your experience may count towards your eligibility for permanent residence. Candidates are eligible for an initial work permit if they have a job offer in hand provided they meet standard criteria for economic immigration programs. Once they have accumulated two years of work experience, the pathway to permanent residence is guaranteed.

Permanent Residence for Home Support Worker Pilot

Under the Home Support Worker Pilot, once you have acquired 24 months of eligible work experience as a caregiver (within a 36-month period after the work permit was issued), you will have access to a direct pathway to become a permanent resident. If you have less than 24 months of eligible Canadian work experience at the time you apply, you will be assessed for permanent residence eligibility before you begin working in Canada

What does the Program offer?
The new program amends three main issues with the previous caregiver pilot programs:
1.The Home Support Worker pilot offers a direct pathway to permanent residence and allows applicants to bring family members with them to Canada. Under the new pro-gram's family members will be eligible to accompany caregivers and will be eligible to apply for open work permits and/or study permits

2. With the move to occupation-specific work permits, employers no longer need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before hiring a caregiver from overseas.

3. Ability for caregivers to change jobs: Caregiver programs have been criticized in the past because they bind caregivers to single families, creating an environment conducive to workplace abuse.The new pilots will enable caregivers to change employers more easily.

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Complete the FineSkilz course curriculum and get 'Job Ready' for job offers.

Certified candidates will have access to a classifieds job listings page and their profiles are presented in a portfolio from where employers across Canada can make direct contact.

Program curriculum includes.

  • International Nursing Degree/Diploma Validation (WES or IQAS) guide.
  • Live On-Line Language Proficiency Development courses (Includes IELTS or TEF exam-preparation)
  • Medical terminology course and Nursing occupation-specific English language and communication training. (optional)
  • Canadian Certified CPD and First Aid Certificate course
  • Written Resume Preparation
  • Video Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Search access through Classifieds Listings
  • Series of information and orientation webinars providing an overview of the nursing registration process and the Canadian health care system
  • Industry Recognized and award-winning Care giving Training Certificate. Complete Initial Training and advanced Training from Care Academy
  • 70+ total courses accepted in all Canadian Provinces and all North American States
  • Our experienced and authorized immigration representatives (RCIC's), bring clarity to the legal obligations and facilitate the immigration process and requirements for both the employer and the caregiver dealing with Immigration Canada IRCC. and Human Resources Canada ESDC. and in keeping with the integrity of the program

Care Academy program

  • Our training is recognized by Canadian employers. Caregivers across N. America have completed more than 400,000 classes on our platform
  • Employers recognize the curriculum as the Best-in-class video training for home health aides, non-medical caregivers, and personal care aides
  • Our active social media campaign showcasing the best talent reaches out to institutional and elderly care community-based media across the country.
  • We are partnered with Wild Iris Medical Education, to offer 300+ hours of ANCC accredited nursing continuing education.
  • We partnered with Teepa Snow, one of the world's leading educators on dementia care, to add 100 hours of training to your class library
  • We've worked with over a thousand home care and home health locations to train their caregivers in the skills they need to provide great outcomes for employers
  • Our training is reviewed and approved by our in-house Nurse Educator, Adrianna Ware, RN, MSN-ed.
  • We provide caregivers competency-based training certifications used to build functional skills in specific areas of elderly care that Canadian employers are looking for.
  • We Meet client-specific needs by improving caregiver expertise in topics such as Dementia Care, Heart Disease, Stroke Recovery Care, and more

Connect directly with qualified Employers for job offers.

  • On completion of the curriculum, candidates receive industry-recognized certification
  • Reach qualified Employers from across Canada directly from our classifieds'job listings' page.
  • Narrow your job search to meet your specific goals and objectives. Qualified Job offers are updated weekly.
  • Showcase your video and digital profiles privately and communicate directly with qualified employers.
  • In turn, qualified employers will be able to reach candidates directly.
  • Our active social media campaign showcasing the best talent reaches out to institutional and elderly care community-based media across the country.
  • Our authorized Immigration representatives will facilitate Immigration Canada and Human Resources Canada's requirements for both the Employer's job offer, and the Caregiver's eligibility for Permanent Residence in keeping with the integrity of the program.(Read more)

Register with our Award-Winning and Industry-Recognised Care Academy Courses.

Industry Recognized and award-winning caregiver training certificate recognized by Canadian employers as the best-in-class video training for home support workers, nonmedical and personal care-aides.

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