FineSkilz Canada promotes its caregiver portfolio on the most efficient platforms on retirement community-marketing in Canada for qualified employers to reach you directly.

Your FineSkilz Canada certification Includes promoting your profile in our caregiver portfolio across all comfort life’s retirement-research platforms: ONLINE, PRINT, SOCIAL, and MOBILE. When people go online to research retirement and senior living options, they find access to FineSkilz Canada’s portfolio of exceptionally trained and certified caregivers.



We reach almost 100% of prospects and their circle of influencers researching and looking for the best options for the retirement community including home-care.


Reach families when they are most receptive

We reach people when they are actively researching retirement living options. When employers come to FineSkilz Canada they are eager to hear your story.

Receive third party validation for your profile.

People recognize FineSkilz Canada on Canada’s most comprehensive retirement-choice platform—one trusted by millions of Canadians for nearly 20 years. When seniors, their adult children, grandchildren, or friends see you on FineSkilz Canada it makes them much more comfortable making a decision with a job offer.

  • It’s the most popular resource for retirement-living research in Canada.
  • 840,000+ unique visitors use it annually to discover, analyze, compare, and choose care giving options.
  • It dominates search engines, ranking #1–3 for thousands of highly targeted and buyer-intent keyword searches.

In short Fineskilz Canada cuts through the marketing clutter and delivers your story inorder to engage people on an authoritative platform. This makes us the most effective in reaching out to prospective employers.

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Industry Recognized and award-winning caregiver training certificate recognized by Canadian employers as the best-in-class video training for home support workers, nonmedical and personal care-aides.

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