FineSkilzCanada’s LMS Platform provides an integral tool for the upskilling and integration of candidates headed to Canada. Student success, Immigration success, and Employment success, increases exponentially with the ability of the candidate to communicate confidently to the concerned authorities.

Language Development

FineSkilzCanada in close collaboration with CES, Toronto and Edu-Inter, Quebec, offers a complete range of English and French language immersion courses, both leading language schools in Canada offer in-class programs and virtual classes on the FineSkilz Canada Platform.
Centre of English Studies (CES) is a year-round English School that was founded in 1979, CES is accredited by ACELS in Ireland, The British Council in the U.K., and Languages Canada, in Canada. With over 40 years in the marketplace CES is recognized as one of the leading English language schools in Ireland, the U.K. and Canada. CES is also an award-winning school and in some locations, including Toronto, the official IELTS Test Centre.

Edu-inter is a TEF exam centre and a French immersion school accredited by Languages Canada with 10-years experience in teaching French to foreign students. Open all year round, Edu-Inter offers different French programs for adults and teenagers from all over the world. Over 1500 students from 40 different countries benefit from a wide range of programs each year. Our French programs are recognized around the world.


Job-Search Workshops and Tutorials.

  • Canadian Certified CPD and First Aid Certificate course
  • Written Resume Preparation
  • Video Resume Preparation
  • Employment law and Standards information session
  • Interview Preparation and Coaching.
  • A Job Search activity through Classifieds Listings
  • Series of information and orientation webinars providing an overview of the nursing registration process and the Canadian health care system Soft Skills-Awareness Workshops that Employers look for.

FineSkilz Canada in collaboration with Care Academy

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FineSkilz Canada in collaboration with Care Academy provides high-quality, caregiver training for home care agencies and employers that increases caregiver knowledge. Caregivers love to complete all their needed training from an easy-to-use mobile-friendly platform designed around their style of learning. Home care agencies and employers know their caregivers are current with their training requirements and can manage their state specific compliance needs.

CareAcademy provides home care and home health agencies and Employers with a best-in-class online education platform that delivers engaging video-based classes and real-world scenarios that walk-through aspects of the caregiver experience. We now train thousands of caregivers each month, helping them deliver the best care possible

It is our mission to help caregivers provide excellent care and improve client outcomes. We are proud to work with thousands of agencies, franchisors, and caregivers nationwide to accomplish this goal everyday.

Care academy live demo

Register with our Award-Winning and Industry-Recognised Care Academy Courses.

Industry Recognized and award-winning caregiver training certificate recognized by Canadian employers as the best-in-class video training for home support workers, nonmedical and personal care-aides.

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